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Here is a page of not-so-carefully curated links. They're just random sites that I find during my internet travels. I stash them here fore safekeeping.

Inclusion does not imply endorsement, in whole or in part.


Please don't ask me how many languages I know.

Ancient languages

LiBER - Linear B electronic resources

Marcion - software for studying ancient Gnostic scriptures

Oracc - annotated corpus of cuneiform

The Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary

Indigenous languages

Lushootseed - for learning one of the original languages of Puget Sound

Lushootseed Research - More lessons and resources on Lushootseed

Zuni Language Materials Collection - digitized collections for the Zuni Pueblo community and Zuni language learners (Please note that some of this content is considered sensitive and will not be translated.)

Sign languages

ASLU - resources for learners and teachers of American Sign Language




Correspondences - active peer-reviewed journal on esotericism

Esoterica - inactive peer-reviewed journal on esotericism


European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism - exactly what it sounds like


La Ciencia Real - occult documents in English and Spanish

eneruru - forum for Mesopotamian studies (including magic)

Grimoire Magic - manuscripts of medieval grimoires related educational resources

The Hermetic Library - open access occultism, especially Hermeticism and Thelema

Internet Sacred Texts Archive - readings on folklore, mythology, religion, and the esoteric

O.T.O. U.S.A. Library - library for the Ordo Templi Orientis in the United States

Twilit Grotto - very old esoteric literature

Magical practice


Aeclectic Tarot - tarot, Lenormand, and oracle decks with photos and reviews

Nietzschemanteion - bibliomancy with Friedrich Nietzsche quotes


Esoteric Order of Dagon - occult lodges working Lovecraftian magic since 1981

Esoteric Order of Dagon - an unrelated internet-based Lovecraftan order with a unique Temple of Abzu system of magic


Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition - defunct journal by and for occultists

Thelemic Union - today's voices of Thelema


Navel-gazing Thinking deeply about the world, including through critical theory.


Worlds & Knowledges Otherwise - international dossier on "socio-economic, legal-political, and ethico-philosophical issues"


Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari

Webdeleuze - lectures and more by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze


Pure ideology. (sniff)


Comics With Problems - strange historical comics

German Propaganda Archive - Nazi and East German propaganda translated into English


Atlanta Community Press Collective - writers' collective for "radical education and empowerment of autonomous communities" in Atlanta, Georgia

Black Women Radicals - collective for "uplifting and centering Black women and gender expansive people's radical political activism"

Center for a Stateless Society - "left market anarchist think tank and media center"

Hampton Institute - proletarian socialist think tank

Laboria Cuboniks - collective project best known for publishing the Xenofeminist Manifesto

Othering & Belonging Institute - interdisciplinary team at University of California, Berkeley researching targeted universalist strategies

The Platypus Affiliated Society - "reading groups, public fora, research, and journalism" for the Left

Sick of It! - disabled activists for prison abolition


The Anarchist Library - free library of anarchist and related texts

Marxists Internet Archive - transcribed and translated Marxist and related texts


The Baffler - left-wing political criticism

Ceasefire - magazine of "radical ideas"

Hypocrite Reader - "biannual leftist magazine of useful, unexpected writing"

Ill Will - political journal

International Socialist Review - archived socialist journal - libertarian communist website posting activist tools, news, and readings

Le Monde diplomatique - independent French news journal

The New Inquiry - magazine on lots of social isses

Notes From Below - socialist publication dedicated to workers' inquiry

Socialist Studies - journal on "social, economic, and/or political injustice, and practices of struggle, transformation, and liberation"

Unavoidable Disaster - periodically updated chaotic pastiche of information on current events

YES! Magazine - nonprofit "solutions journalism"


About things that do things for us.

How to not waste your life on the internet

Center for Humane Technology - movement to reduce negative influence of pervasive tech on our lives

NoSurf - resources compiled from r/nosurf (yes, reddit)

Learn to code

Dr. Chuck Online - lessons on Django, Python, and more

W3 Schools - HTML reference



10 Minute Mail - free, anonymous, and temporary email service

Forward Email - free tool for creating email aliases

Have I Been Pwned - check if your email or phone number have been compromised in a data breach


OSINT - open source doxxing intelligence tools


LibreWolf - privacy-oriented custom version of Firefox

Prism Break - opt out of global data surveillance programs - "ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software

Science and technology studies

Critical tech

Awesome Critical Tech Reading List - "opinionated reading list for the critical programmer"

Tech Won't Save Us - podcast for critical technology studies

History - BBS archive and history


Cultural, historical, and practical knowledge from around the globe. For languages, see "Linguistics."


Atlas Obscura - "definitive guide to the world's hidden wonders"


Studia Orientalia Electronica - "original research articles in all fields of Asian and African studies"


Studia Orientalia Electronica - "original research articles in all fields of Asian and African studies"


闯 Chuǎng - blog and journal on modern Chinese society

Critical China Scholars - balanced scholarly viewpoints on China and its politics

Reading the China Dream - translated writings by "establishment" Chinese intellectuals

Sounding Islam in China - multi-sited ethnographic study on the religious expression of Chinese Muslims



Dual U.S. Italian Citizenship - resources for Americans seeking Italian citizenship by birthright or marriage

Middle East

Ancient Near East

ETANA - open access journals on the ancient Near East

List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies - exactly what it sounds like


Bibliographica Iranica - predominantly bibliographic blog for Iranian studies

North America

United States

Dual U.S. Italian Citizenship - resources for Americans seeking Italian citizenship by birthright or marriage

Favorite articles

You may also be interested in some of articles I specifically like. They are included for their informative, philosophical, and practical value. Here are some of them.

Against "Effective Altruism" - Alice Crary, Radical Philosophy (Summer 2021)

The Arctic Suicides: It's Not the Dark That Kills You - Rebecca Hersher, NPR (April 21, 2016)

Five Geek Social Falacies - Michael Suileabhain-Wilson, Plausibly Deniable (December 2, 2003)

Rock Against Anything: How Metal Became So Fucking Reactionary And What To Do About It - R.M. Temin, Toilet ov Hell (March 27, 2018)

What the "grievance studies" hoax actually reveals - Daniel Engber, Slate (October 5, 2018)