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La Ciencia Real

Correspondences - If you're curious about the diversity of topics in esoteric studies, this is the place to go. These articles - all open access - cover everything from black metal to the history of Zohar translations to entire issues about masculinities and Islamic esotericism. Did I mention this journal is all open access?

Esoterica - This journal is also about esotericism, but it's been defunct for a long time. It's still a fascintaing time capsule of how scholars thought during the years of its publication, from 1999-2007. Wouter J. Hanegraaff's 1999 article "Some Remarks on the Study of Western Esotericism" exemplifies a period when the very definition of esotericism was more fiercely contested than today.

Grimoire Magic

The Hermetic Library

Internet Sacred Text Archive - This site is ancient and some of the translations are not very good, but you might want to peruse it anyway, particularly the esoteric/occult and Wicca/Neopaganism sections.

O.T.O. U.S.A. Library

Twilit Grotto - This website belongs to Joseph H. Peterson, a translator of many esoteric texts. He has posted some texts that the Internet Sacred Text Archive does not have, such as the Grimorium Verum and texts by other authors like Giordano Bruno. I do not know his background in esoteric studies and cannot vouch for the quality of his translations.

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